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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why Is Everyone Afraid of Seven (Answer in today's timestamp)

Okay, so I know there's already a post on this blog, but it's more of a placeholder than anything else, and anyway it's my blog and I can call this the inaugural post if I want to.

So, this week I'd like to give a little bit of an introduction about who I am and what I'm about here.

Well, I'm a husband to a beautiful wife and father of 1.667 beautiful children. I'm currently unemployed, which turned out to be a dark cloud to go with a silver lining, because it's meant I've been able to help The Missus out around the house while she finishes building our second child. She'll be done soon, so if anyone out there is in need of an electrical engineer, you can reach me through here. :)

Now that I've invalidated my manhood by using a smiley in a blog post, I'll try to make up for it by talking a little bit about my hobbies.

I play video games, and I own several consoles as well as a laptop that suffices as a gaming rig provided I don't play anything more recent than Sins of a Solar Empire (which is an awesome game-- I like to call it a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game for people who hate RTS games.) My PS3 and PSP are the most active. As of today I'm juggling Infamous and Oblivion, because I'm a fiend for open world gameplay.

Ooh. Strike one.

I also sculpt and paint miniatures for tabletop wargames. I don't play any, except Heroscape, which has pre-painted miniatures, I just like to make them. So far I've only painted two 29mm night goblins, and I've sculpted a couple of 54mm guys. The most recent sculpt (as they say in the biz) is inspired by the Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Pictures to follow as soon as I get time to photograph them.

Ouch. Toy soldiers and video games in one paragraph. Strike two.

Well, let's try this. I play the banjo. I'm not very good, and I haven't had time to practice since The Little One was born two years ago (my, how time flies!) but I used to do a pretty good Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and I can play most Christmas carols by ear.

Hmm. Since I have one more that's sure to be a home run, let's call that one a foul ball.

Oh yes. I collect firearms. By "collect" I mean I own a couple and I like to take them out and do some target shooting. No, I won't tell you how many or where they are. :)

Dang it! Those smileys are insidious! Well, to heck with it. I know I'm a man, and I have a beautiful wife and 1.667 children to prove it.

My plans for this space include (ir)regular weekly updates where I'll spout off about something that's not really important to anyone but me. There will be no politics-- this is a site for fun and humor and if anyone gets angry about anything I say here, my hope is that it's because that person is a big freak and not because I said anything contentious. Basically, I'm hoping to keep the content of this blog in line with the title: free, insubstantial and is probably coated with toxic paint.

For the incurable optimists out there, my hope is to one day do a podcast as a companion piece to this blog. Don't hold your breath, though. Heck, I'll be happy if I can just keep up with the weekly updates on the blog.

Anyway, that's about it. Short post for the inauguration of Free Toy Inside. Next week we'll talk about something more interesting. I don't want to give too much away, but it will involve talking at length about me.

You roll your eyes, but you'll be back. See you then, because I'm watching you through the site-meter widget.